Ruff Runners

Ruff Runners is all about dogs who need to run! Whether your furry friend is hyper, bored, or just needs to lose a couple of pounds, running is a simple and healthy solution. With service directly to your door, Ruff Runners caters to the lifestyles of you and your dog. Programs are customized to your schedule and needs, giving your pooch the workout regimen that suits them best!

Running is more intense than a simple walk. While other forms of exercise are great as well, running is unique because it’s a natural behavior! Many dogs have actually been bred for traits such as aerobic stamina, so you’re doing them a huge favor and letting their natural talents shine! Your dog can benefit from running in many ways, including:

  • Less anxiety
  • A potential decrease in destructive behaviors
  • A feeling of accomplishment and purpose
  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Weight loss/muscle gain
  • A satisfied, tired pooch!
Ruff Runners
Free consultation and 10-minute outing
20 minute run/walk- $25
Designed for dogs who are not currently very active or whose goal is weight loss. This program is also suitable for dogs under 18 months of age, as their growth plates haven't fully closed.
30 minutes- $35
For smaller dogs or ones whose body type is not as well suited to running long distances. This is also a great starting place for the beginner running dog!
60 minutes- $65
This program is for athletic dogs with a ton of energy to burn!
One additional dog- $10
Ask about package deals for lower rates!
If there is space around your home that is safe for your dog to run through, then the outing will be there. In the instance that a suitable running path isn’t available in your immediate area, Ruff Runners will either come to your home and transport your dog to a nearby location for the run or meet you and your dog at an arranged location.
Ruff Runners services much of central Ohio, including northern Columbus, Hilliard, Marysville, Dublin, Powell, Worthington, and Westerville. If you’re not sure if your location is applicable, just ask! We can always arrange for further travel if necessary.

Michelle is a marathoner and half-marathoner who has been running for over a decade. She also works as a veterinary assistant, and it was in this environment that the idea for Ruff Runners was born. Day after day she sees dogs who are anxious and overexcited, whose problems could be alleviated with a simple outlet for their excess energy. As the owner of a high-energy pup, Michelle can personally attest that running is magical for dogs!